Fragrant Homes.


Fragrant Homes, or “Smellies” as they were called at Mudlen End, were model houses that were unglazed allowing the absorption of different blended ‘fragrance’ mixtures. They would simply sit on your mantelpiece emitting their pleasant fragrance.

Several designs were produced as shown below.




Thanks to David Purcell for photo.
Thanks to David Purcell for photo.


They were sold individually boxed, in a cellophane bag which had a cardboard header card reading:

“Fragrant homes for fragrant homes” A ceramic cottage, impregnated with aromatic oil, which will slowly release its fragrance throughout the room .  Do not stand on polished surfaces.

The back stamp also gives a warning about polished surfaces, and I do recall my father being slightly apprehensive as to whether or not it would actually ruin a polished surface if left on it too long.

As I type this page I have one by my side and it is still very ‘fragrant’ !

This photo shows another style, with snow on it !

Snow Fragrant Home.




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