‘Lark Rise To Candleford’ 6 Cottage Set.

This is an original  flyer for the Mudlen End ‘Lark Rise To Candleford’ Collection.

When the BBC first aired the T.V. series a great deal of interest was created around the show and the book, a merchandising company was created which commissioned (amongst others) Mudlen End to produce this 6 cottage set depicting  places mentioned in the book.

They were modelled upon existing cottages in the Mudlen End series, with additional features, decoration and colours.


Top left;LR1, Candleford Green Post & Telegraph Office.

Top Right; LR4, Apple Trees.

Centre Left; LR6, Wagon & Horses.

Centre Right; LR3, Hollyhock Cottage.

Bottom Left; LR5, White Gates.

Bottom Right; LR2, Rose Cottage.

This is a scan of original hand drawings by my father of the models in the series.


Lark Rise 001

2 thoughts on “‘Lark Rise To Candleford’ 6 Cottage Set.”

  1. Dear Ben, I have been looking at your website about the Mudlen End Cottages and I love my collection of 24 and am constantly on the look out for more. I have also been staying with friends in Hertfordshire who collect them too and the Tea Towel was hanging in the Bedroom. I would love to acquire The Bank but I guess it is expensive and rare. I knew James well and still miss him. He had so many talents, acting writing.
    I thought I would like to get in touch. Hope you are well

    1. Beryl,
      How wonderful to hear from you. It’s been many years ! Do you have a tea towel ? I could get Alison to drop one in to you if you wish, it would be my pleasure.
      The bank pops up from time to time, I’ll keep an eye out for one ! One never knows, Sian from the village bought a Cherry Tree School model for One pound !!!
      I have a small ambition that one day I might be in a position to display my collection somewhere ! there are so many people that tell me that they like them so much.
      I miss my father also, I hold a cottage and see finger prints in the shiny glaze and I wonder if they might be his. He was taken from us far too soon.
      Take care.
      Many regards.
      Ben Hart.

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