Moyse’s Hall Restoration.

My two Moyse’s Hall models.

both models
As with my ‘Kings Head’ restoration I wanted to restore this broken model back to it’s former glory.
The actual Moyse’s Hall model was cast with just the square bottom of the bell tower on the roof, the tower itself was made separately and  fixed on soon after the model was de-moulded.
Upon close comparison it appears that both of these models were cast from the same mould which should help the finished result.

Firstly I made a rubber mould of the whole tower using my own complete model.
This should then fit nice and snugly onto the broken subject model.

Using polyeurathene casting resin, I pour it into the mould up to the point where the break is and insert the model into the mould.
I get one go at this as when the resin cures it is bonded forever to the broken raw pottery face.

A few minutes later and the mould is removed, this is the most exciting part of the process, just to see if has worked out.

The special moment, and it looks like it’s a good result. Some cleaning up  is needed, the right colour match achieved using acrylics, finished with spray lacquer and it’s complete.

I am very happy with the end result. I have inserted an explanation into the model which tells the story of my restoration for anyone who may own this model in the far distant future.

If you have a broken model and would like me to have a look to see if it is able to be restored I’d love hear from you.


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