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On this page I intend to list selling prices of ‘special’ models and colours, not standard cottages, that have been sold on EBay.
The cost of anything is determined by the price that someone is willing to pay for it, and this is certainly the case with Mudlen End items. Basic models can sell  for just a few pounds.
Little sets for sale are good to have a look at as they can contain some quite scarce items amongst the standard ones,
also the prices for a set usually means the price per item is quite good.
Bunting, floral and snow cottages command higher prices, as do blue or green models.
Special pieces, such as commissioned works, also fetch quite high prices.
Surprisingly though, I have found that the ‘Country Church’ or even the large models do not usually fetch a particularly high price.
The Red Phone Box sometimes fetches 10 pounds and another day will sell for less or much more, that is the nature of an auction.

The items below show the sold date and the price in British Pounds. It must be remembered that postage rates can be considerable and this would lead to a higher outlay.

As can be seen prices do vary quite a lot, but a pretty good idea can be made about the cost of particular items, but nothing is set in stone.

It’s been a hectic few months of buying and selling and I intend to not list as many from now on. However I will add to this page when particular items of interest show up.


This was a surprise, a small set that contained a very rare ‘Cherry Trees School”  sold for £82.08.

Set with Rare Cherry Trees School. 03.15 £82.08


The following item was brought to my attention in an online auction. It was in an unusual category and did not have a Mudlen End ‘tag’. I was happily able to secure it for  £3.99 .


sheep money box

This model was listed as a Mudlen End money box and sold for £19.99  in Sept. 2015

Sept.15 19.99

The large models below and French model all sold on eBay at the start of 2016.

The model below is worth a mention. It is from the French/Danish set and the first I have seen for sale. It achieved a very high price. I have just noticed that the one that I have has a brown painted chimney.

Danish 06.16 £128.28
Danish 06.16 £128.28

The following set of 6 sold in Aug.2016. It contains a Bury In Bloom model which most likely raised the price.

Set of 6 08/16 £33.30
Set of 6 08/16 £33.30

This model, an early #15   also sold in Aug.2016.

Early Mill #15 £31
Early Mill #15 £31

Two “Pot Pics” sold on eBay in Sept. 2016 for £31 ea. These were the first I had seen for sale.

pot-pic-3 pot-picI think I’m just going to list the items from now on rather than add photos.

Nov. ’16      #15    Early style Water Mill              £35

Nov. ’16      #28     Village School. Snow Version    £82

Nov. ’16      #31     West Country Town House. Snow Version       £122

Nov. ’16      #33      Pub. Snow Version   £138

Jan.’17         LR3      Hollyhock  Cottage      £97

Jan.’17         Early water mill   £25.99

Jan.’17        #44 Omega House (2 chips to back of roof)       £200

Jan.’17         LR1     Lark Rise Post Office    £38

The above “Brittany” cottage sold on eBay for around £40 in Feb.’17 .It was from America and was offered for U.S. buyers only.

Feb.’17 : The Crock Of Gold     £156.02

March ’17 , A large model: The Swan at Lavenham, without plinth, sold for £88.82

March ’17 , Moyses Hall    £84.50

In April ’17 the following models became available on eBay and fetched the prices listed.

#42 Bank – £33.11

Rare Stag Portable Pub Plinth Model – £138.13

Bell Hotel with plinth – £200

Moyses Hall – £85

A large set of 47 pieces including 2 x snow models, a church, Lavenham swan and a Lark rise model – £262.13

Lark Rise Hollyhock Cottage LR3 – £36.86

In a remote country town on the southern tip of Western Australia I came across a LR1 model in the local auction rooms and acquired it for  just $8 !!!

The above listings do now show a pattern which is fairly stable, bar one or two strange exceptions, (lucky for buyers, not that good for sellers) but a good reminder as to the nature of the auction, and a bit of hope that there are bargains to be had out there. I do intend to keep on monitoring sale prices as part of my hobby, but not listing them on this page.



























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