Unusual Colours !

Throughout the cottage collection brown roofs represent tiles, beige roofs thatch, and grey roofs slate. I am wondering why the following model has a brown roof rather than a grey one, as this model was always meant to have grey. Perhaps a slip of concentration on the part of the decorator. Most decorators had perhaps just 2 or 3 styles of cottage to paint and would have the jars of specific colours  for these models, it would be fairly easy to have painted roofs with grey for example then to pick up a different type model and paint that grey also, in error. This could be why there are a few models like the one below, with the wrong colour roof.


Unusual roof colour.

This roundhouse is another model in a  strange colour that is unusual . I thought at first that this would have been a red roundhouse which perhaps had over fired in the kiln to leave a brown colour, that would make sense, if it were not for the red chimney. That too would have fired the same colour but that looks the correct colour red. So the brown was not a firing error, rather a true  colour.

Unusual colour .

Another model that does sometimes  use this shade of brown is the ‘Doctor’s House’ #14.

Doctors House #14


These models appeared on eBay with unusual colours. The windows and doors appear to be painted  brown rather than the normal black. Both have the same decorators mark on the base.

#35 #36

I have noticed that the Sally Lunns model (#36) is possibly the model with the most different colour ways. The roof I have seen in grey and also a thatch colour, the walls in sandstone  and also grey, and the windows in black and brown and many combinations of the above colours. Below are a few examples.

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