‘Morphing models’.

MORPH. transitive verb. : to change the form or character of .

This applies to The Swan Inn, The Wagon And Horses and The Crock Of Gold.

This is an interesting triology of models as basically they are one and the same. Firstly, #27 was produced as part of the numbered series, it was decorated in just the one colour scheme, a brown roof with red/umber walls.




Later it was modified, with a thatched roof added and windows remodeled for the ‘Lark Rise To Candleford’ collection, it was decorated in a different colour scheme to fit that series and called the ‘Wagon & Horses’.

Finally that model, as it was without any further changes, was also produced in yet another, quite unusual and unique colourway and named the ‘Crock Of Gold’.

I am still waiting to delve into the Mudlen End archives to try and cast some light as to the reasons behind the ‘Crock Of Gold’ being produced. I have seen just 3 examples of this model and believe that the production run would have been very limited.





2 thoughts on “‘Morphing models’.”

    1. Hi Ronald.
      The R23 would be the model number 23 The Corner House, coloured Red.
      OR, if its not red then the R could be the decorators mark.
      I would need to see it to confirm exactly.
      Hope this helps.

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