Copies Of Mudlen End Models.

I have been contacted several times regarding some cottages in the Mudlen End style that seem to have been made as Pomanders. These have windows cut out and a hole in the roof ridge. They most likely  would have had a bag of pot pourri inserted into them and hung  in a wardrobe perhaps, to create a pleasant smell. These photos show said Pomander models and the likeness to the Mudlen End shop  #11.  There is a small sticker on the base of one which reads “Made In Taiwan”. There is no connection with Mudlen End except the uncanny “resemblance”. My friend David Purcell purchased 2 pomander type models, the other, not shown here, was a likeness to Mudlen End  #22, David tells me that when it arrived, ironically, it was in 22 pieces !! he noted that the walls of the model were very thin.

Another “uncanny resemblance” to certain Mudlen End models  are these Sulleys models below. Sulleys started producing models later than Mudlen End and the likeness to these Mudlen End models is  cause for thought !


‘Around The Corner’ cottages

These models are blatant ” knock offs”. Most of the Mudlen End collection was simply copied by a pottery in the U.K. and marketed in the U.S. as “Suffolk Cottages”,  a fairly low and unethical thing to do.  The page ” The late 70’s”  shows a flyer of the Around The Corner models and you can clearly see the majority of them are simply copies of Mudlen End models.

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