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A while ago, out of the blue, my daughter sent me a picture of a mill (#15) that she had seen in a shop window and bought. Nothing unusual about that really, except that she lives in Mandurah,Western Australia, south of Perth, one of the most isolated cities on the planet.

The fact that this one little model had made it’s way from Suffolk to Australia, possibly having been held by my father during its manufacture and eventually into the hands of my daughter, his grand daughter, the other side of the planet, is a  source of amazement to me, and thrills me.

Today I have spent some time transferring photos from a sheet of 36 photos into single images, cutting and pasting and clicking this and saving that. The subject matter was my father in the first Mudlen End workshop I would have to say in the early to mid seventies . (Much of the equipment e.g. benches and trolleys were from the old West Suffolk Hospital and were sold off when it shut around 1972/3). I shall post the photos over time as they are very interesting.