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Hello .

I do hope that this blog will become an interesting area about all things  “Mudlen End” and that it may become a substantial source of information  for interested (and interesting) people who enjoy collecting, or simply looking at, Mudlen End Studio,  or James Hart,  produced items.

There is so much that can be told about the whole ”Mudlen End Studio” era. About the actual products themselves and about the people involved in the various aspects of the business.

It is a ‘work in progress’ and as more information is sifted through and gathered things may be added and changed.

I have a particular interest in the topic as I am the youngest son of the founder,   potter James Hart. “Mudlen End” is acutally my family home, and together with my siblings, and my mother, this is our story.

I also hope that you will visit the excellent website that David Purcell has created.I had the pleasure of meeting David in June 2014 ,at the Bull Hotel in Long Melford,we spent several hours discussing things “Mudlen End”.Great to meet a fellow avid collector.

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  1. Hi Ben,

    Brilliant to see that you have been able to launch this blog for others who share an enthusiasm and fascination in the various models produced by your late father. Looking forward to seeing interesting topics here and hopefully contributing some as well.

    Great stuff!


  2. Hi Ben, We received the tea towels and post box and wanted to join your blog. Love the Mudlen End story and wonderful cottages! Do you have photos of the real buildings after which these cottages are modeled?

    1. Hello Stephanie.
      Glad you got your items O.K. Hope you enjoy them.
      From the collection of 44 there are possibly 6 or 7 which are models of existing/actual buildings.
      For example ‘Sally Lunns shop’ in Bath, ‘The Crooked House’ in Lavenham, ‘The doctors House’ also in Lavenham, Willy Lotts Cottage, ‘The Barn’ based upon pictures of the Red Barn in Polstead, the Corn Hall in Bury St. Edmunds.( if you Google ‘image’ these names you will see the actual buildings, except the Doctors House, it was our family doctors house and not know by that name.
      You can see the influence of the Corn Hall building in the model, steps, pillars etc. but it is not an exact likeness. The Church is based upon “St.Peter’s” in Felsham.
      Mostly the cottages are a general representation of the styles of houses that you might see, although some are very similar to actual buildings but maybe with a window or door added or missing.
      The large Mudlen End models are all representations of actual buildings, as are the various commission pieces that were produced.

      Thanks for looking at my blog and for the interest that you have in my fathers work.

  3. Hi Ben,
    I received the lovely tea towel today and decided to join your blog. I love your father’s work as I am sure so many people
    around the world!
    I have been collecting the delightful “Mudlen End cottages”
    for a couple of years and I have No 1-41 plus a few other items,like the church in Felsham tho there is no number at the
    I continue to look for the other cottages 42-44 but I guess there are now rare & difficult to find.
    My husband & I plan to visit the UK next year and we will definately go to Felsham,Suffolk,Bury St Edmunds & Lavenham to see the area where it first started.

    Kind regards,
    Elizabeth Reachill

    1. Hello Elizabeth.
      Glad you like the tea towel.
      Good luck with the search for the elusive #44 ! They are very rare indeed.
      Love that you get pleasure from my fathers work.
      Enjoy your U.K. trip.
      Ben Hart

      1. Hi.
        An elusive #44, wow. All the best with the auction. You stand to make a pretty penny and make someone happy too.
        Ben H.

  4. I brought from your fathers shop many many of the houses, from him personally, as I lived in Rattlesden and I used to ring the bells at Felsham Church.
    I was so surprised to see on ebay that you are producing copies of his houses.
    I just feel that it just can not be right. Also you choose to reproduce the most expensive house….the very last one.
    It just seems wrong…..because what is the point of collecting for years and years if copies are being made. That’s just my point of view.

    1. Hello Julia.
      I rang the bells a few times in St. Peters, with Mike Cockell, who was my godfather.
      I do understand your point of view regarding the reproduction #44 that I have made, but please allow me to make the following points.
      Just to clarify though, I do not make ‘copies of his houses’, ‘houses’ implies that this is in the plural, which is not so,
      I have only reproduced #44 from the numbered series and I have done this for the very reasons that you state, for people
      who have collected for years and years and have not had the opportunity to obtain an original model, which as well as being extremely
      rare is also very expensive.
      Before going ahead and reproducing this model I did do a lot of ‘homework’ on the subject, some consultation and even some ‘soul searching’
      and things came out in the positive, which encouraged me to go ahead.
      I have had nothing but positive feedback from collectors worldwide who have been able to at least
      obtain this reproduction to add to their collections, but have no doubt, every last one of them would still love to
      have the real thing. I myself have spent a considerable amount obtaining originals, and I make the reproductions!!
      Also, the reason that I request that these models are not be auctioned is that the actual value of the model is not the point here, but
      rather what it represents.
      My models are made from a polyeurathene resin material but actually do have the feel of pottery as I spent considerable time and effort working
      out the method to create them. They are easily distinguishable from the original items and are no way intended to be ‘rip offs’.

      I hope that this sways your point of view a little bit.

      Kind Regards.


  5. Hi just come across this Blog site. I have a photocopied leaflet with the names and numbers of the houses but is there an official booklet which could be reprinted? I also have the “For Sale” house which is entirely blue, roof and walls is this rare?

  6. Hi Ben
    Reading this brings back memories I was one of the painters who worked for Dad all those years ago and yes who put their initial on the bottom of each and every painted cottage cannot believe that it is all those years ago since you lost dear Dad [was reading the other guys page too]

    1. Hello.
      Nice to hear from you.Without you and the team of decorators things may have been very different, to say the least!
      It is such a shame that dad was taken from us way too soon, but he left a great legacy.
      All the best.

  7. Hello, I just started collecting the cottages. They are so adorable and give a great feeling. Like Susan said on May 4, 2016, is there a pamphlet or booklet that I can search for? And how do I join this group?

    All the way in Hawaii.

    1. Hi Kimberly.
      Sorry its taken so long to reply, sadly work gets in the way of the fun stuff ! Its great to know that you are collecting, I’m sure you will have a great time doing so.
      There is a A4 sheet with hand drawn pictures that my father had printed, it wasn’t intended as a catalogue as such. I shall email you a copy.
      You don’t need to ‘join’ as such just keep an eye on the site for any updates, and you are absolutely welcome to discuss and comment whenever you wish.
      Enjoy your collecting.
      Ben Hart.

  8. Just found I have 3 of these pretty little cottages (I looked underneath and put in Google the studios name came up so I had a look. . I have 7 (s) 15 (e)and 21 (c )all marked. Perfect Tku 🙂

    1. Hi Anne.
      I hope it leads to a larger collection, it can become somewhat of an obsession though, beware !!

  9. How do I know if my cottages are authentic? They all have a stamp on the botttom that says “Mudlen End Studio Pelsham Suffolk England”. Thanks!

    1. Hi.
      If they have a stamp with Mudlen End on it then rest assured they are the original item. It is actually Felsham.

  10. Hi, I have just purchased a no 44 Omega House “Twilight Home for Destitute Potters”, I got it in a charity shop this morning, Can anyone give me an idea of its worth as I would like to sell it, Val

  11. I have just bought LR3 in snow but there is no Mudlen End stamp on it..I can see it is based on number 26.
    The marks are the same as all my other models so I hope it is genuine.
    I bought my first model in 1970……!

    1. Hi.
      The Lark Rise series is totally unique to Mudlen End and as you know your stuff, being a long time collector, I would say it would be original. The bonus is the snow, that’s a good find. The stamps can fade away or be missed off altogether at the packing process.
      All the best.
      Ben Hart

  12. My wife and I are sure we met and became good friends with Mr Hart in 1987 àt harmony hall antigua. If he is still in this world we would ve to touch base with him,
    COLIN and Sonja Plummer Antigua

    1. Hello.
      Sadly my father, James, died in 2004.
      He loved his trips to Jamaica and it’s nice that you met him. I hope he left you with some happy memories.
      Ben Hart.

  13. Hi l have just found your little houses in Australia l have just brought 7 of them, l have 5r-24t-6s-13t-9x-10 what does the different letters mean? Can l also have a list of the ones produced l have just found my new hobby buying this gorgeous house.

    1. Hi Amanda.
      Glad to know that you are getting the cottage “bug”.
      My website contains all the information that you may need to get a comprehensive understanding, e.g. the letters after the numbers being the decorators mark.
      I don’t have a list as such but I could forward to you some pages that was a catalogue.
      Where abouts in Australia are you ? or were you travelling and found them here.

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